Deadline: FRIDAY FEB 12, 2021 (Lunar New Year)
Publication Date: April 23, 2021

open house

We’re looking for writers with a fresh vision. We want to be surprised, seduced, hypnotized, transported, or transformed by your words. Think surrealism, noir, feminist erotica, speculative texts, dream diaries—explorations that transcend genre.


Format: Word doc and/or PDF. (Be sure to include your email address within the manuscript.) Maximum length: 3,000 words.

Short stories,  experimental texts, flash fiction, and translations welcome. No poetry, no reprints, no simultaneous submissions. Reporting time: approx. 3 weeks. Payment: copy of the paperback anthology.

Email submissions to: blackscatbooks (AT) icloud (DOT) com  — and include the word “READER” in the subject line.