Crimes are a dime a dozen these days, but inside the “crime wave” issue of BLACK SCAT REVIEW you’ll find the high ones, the low ones, the in-betweens—true  crimes, faux felonies, misdemeanors, murders, robberies, rapes, and speculative villainy.

Something illegal for everyone. 

Featuring an international roster of criminally-minded artists & writers: Tim Newton Anderson; Tom Barrett;  Margot Block; Norman Conquest; Charles Cros; Robert James Cross; Farewell Debut;  Debra Di Blasi; Fernando Fidanza; Larry Fondation; Peter Gambaccini; Eckhard Gerdes; Émile Goudeau; Rhys Hughes; Harold Jaffe; Amy Kurman; Michael Leigh; Martha McCollough; Jim McMenamin; Derek Pell; Michael Pollentine; Frank Pulaski; Paul Rosheim; Doug Skinner; Saira Viola; and Tom Whalen.  

So dive right in and ride the wave.