Scat News

  • Mark your calendars: May 1st we’re launching the BLACK SCAT LAST GASP FUNDRAISER. Our goal is to raise $2,500 so we can continue spewing sublime art & literature into 2024. We hope you’ll chip in.
  • On July 4th we celebrate our eleventh year of independent publishing. We launched this press back in 2012 in the Bay Area (Fairfield California) and had no idea we’d wind up publishing more than 200 books —an entire bookcase worth of volumes!
  • We’re busy preparing a new anthology — LE SCAT NOIR ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HUMAN SEXUALITY — and are still seeking alphabetical entries for this awesome reference book. Check out the details here.
  • Under our New Urge imprint we’ll be releasing a book by Laure FavagerA FISH FROM ELSEWHERE this summer. This is her first novel.
  • In Paris, Reese Saxment has been busy working on his forthcoming STORY OF O Eros, Paris & Surrealism —a richly detailed study of the controversial novel which reveals how it was informed by Surrealist thinking. Groundbreaking literary scholarship ahead!
  • We recently released the first English translation of Alphonse Allais’s Ne nous frappons pasLET’S NOT HIT EACH OTHER. Translator Doug Skinner is also working on Allais’s collection WE ARE NOT SHEEP, which we hope to have out in December. Stay tuned.