We’ve Got Angels

We want to thank the 28 angels who went beyond the call of duty & donated to our fundraising campaign. They have kept the Good Ship Scat Afloat & Shipshape. (Say that fast ten times.)

Please give them all a standing ovation.

Mark Axelrod; Tom Barrett; Tom Bowden; Miggs Burroughs; Jahan Cader; Keith Carmona,; Caleb Chaffe; John Crowley; Stephen Delaney; Wallace Harper; Richard L. Krieger; Barbara LaPlaca; Terri Lloyd; Dave MacPherson; Jim McMenamin; Lilianne Milgrom; Stephen Prince; Doug Rice; Jason Rolfe; Paul Rosheim; Sourav Roy; Thaddeus Rutkowski; Amy Kurman Siedlecki; Doug Skinner,; Linda Stillman; Yuriy Tarnawsky; Carla Wilson; and Lana Zilla.

Thanks for your support of independent publishing.

Onward & upward we go!