classic & contemporary erotic fiction

The New Urge imprint is devoted to innovative works of erotic fiction. It launched on January 10, 2015 with the publication of White Fire & Other Tales by Cody Kmoch—a daring collection of short fiction. Today, we offer  over a dozen titles, including classic and contemporary novels, works in translation, and our anthology series featuring erotic writing by women writers.


—————————–NEW URGE EDITIONS in print—————————-


Joseph Le Fanu,  Carmilla
New Urge Editions –  NU-119 
Trade ppb; 180 pp.  ORDER



Various,  New Urge Reader Omnibus
New Urge Editions –  NU-118 
Trade ppb; 350 pp.  ORDER



Catherine D’Avis, Angel of Everything
New Urge Editions –  NU-102
Trade ppb; 138 pp.  ORDER



Catherine D’Avis, Erotic Tales
New Urge Editions –  NU-103
Trade ppb; 162 pp.; Third Printing:  ORDER



The New Urge Reader: Erotic Fiction by New Women Writers
New Urge Editions –  NU-104
Trade ppb; 146 pp.  ORDER


Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs
Illustrations by Nelly Sanchez
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; illustrated; 234 pp.  ORDER


Lawrence Hamilton, ed., Hidden Gems: The Best of The Pearl,
A Journal of  Facetiae & Voluptuous Reading

New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 334 pp. ORDER



Anonymous, Peculiar Charms: A Victorian Erotic Novel
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 710 pp.  ORDER 


N. Conquest, ed., The New Urge Reader 2: Erotic Fiction by New Women Writers
Introduction by Elizabeth Yoo
New Urge Editions –  NU-107
Trade ppb; 178 pp.  ORDER



Pierre Louÿs, The New Pleasure & other stories
Translated from the French by G. F. Monkshood
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 224 pp. ORDER


N. Conquest and Petra Anne Hawk, eds., The New Urge Reader 3: Erotic Fiction by New Women Writers
Introduction by Petra Anne Hawk
New Urge Editions –  NU-110
Trade ppb; 178 pp.  ORDER



John Diamond-Nigh, Sacred Sins: Short Sensual Stories
New Urge Editions –  NU-111
Trade ppb; 150 pp.  ORDER


Petra Anne Hawk,
The Observatory
New Urge Editions –  NU-114
Trade ppb; 194 pp.  ORDER 




Victorian Vice: Anthology of Forbidden Pleasures
New Urge Editions –  NU-115
Trade ppb; 240 pp.  ORDER 



Anonymous, A Night in a Moorish Harem
New Urge Editions –  NU-117
Trade ppb; 190 pp.  ORDER 




NEW URGE welcomes queries. We are interested in full-length novels, collections of short fiction, and translations. We do not publish poetry.
Address queries to: blackscatbooks (AT) icloud (DOT) com