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The New Urge imprint is devoted to innovative works of erotic fiction. It launched on January 10, 2015 with the publication of White Fire & Other Tales by Cody Kmoch—a daring collection of short fiction. Today, we offer  over a dozen titles, including classic and contemporary novels, works in translation, and our anthology series featuring erotic writing by women writers.



Thérèse Finds Happiness
by Marquis d’Argens
Translated from the French
by Richard Robinson
ISBN-13 978-1-7348166-3-1
Trade paperback, price TBA

This classic of French libertine lit—originally published in 1748  under the title Thérèse philosophe—is particularly striking for its antipathy to the sexual repression of women during “The Age of Enlightenment.” The novel’s liberated eroticism and satirical passages are exquisitely rendered by Richard Robinson in this new translation for New Urge Editions.


“Potent and playful, Thérèse Finds Happiness offers up sexual ecstasy, libertine philosophy, and hilarious satirical episodes. The translation by Richard Robinson brings the text to life for the contemporary reader, and the final chapter is nothing less than a tour de force.”
—Lawrence Hamilton

“The novel arouses one’s erogenous zones as well as one’s funny bone. Bravo Thérèse!”
—Amandine Lévêque

“Robinson’s seductive translation of this 18th century classic will make libertines of us all. Connoisseurs of high-literary pornography will cherish Thérèse Finds Happiness.” —Catherine D’Avis, author of Angel of Everything





—————————–NEW URGE EDITIONS in print—————————-


Joseph Le Fanu,  Carmilla
New Urge Editions –  NU-119 
Trade ppb; 180 pp.  ORDER


New Urge Reader Omnibus: Erotic Fiction
by New Women Writers

Three volumes in one
New Urge Editions –  NU-118 
Trade ppb; 350 pp.  ORDER



Catherine D’Avis, Angel of Everything
New Urge Editions –  NU-102
Trade ppb; 138 pp.  ORDER



Catherine D’Avis, Erotic Tales
New Urge Editions –  NU-103
Trade ppb; 162 pp.; Third Printing:  ORDER



The New Urge Reader: Vol. 1
New Urge Editions –  NU-104
Trade ppb; 146 pp.  ORDER


Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs
Illustrations by Nelly Sanchez
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; illustrated; 234 pp.  ORDER


Lawrence Hamilton, ed., Hidden Gems: The Best of The Pearl,
A Journal of  Facetiae & Voluptuous Reading

New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 334 pp. ORDER



Anonymous, Peculiar Charms: A Victorian Erotic Novel
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 710 pp.  ORDER 


N. Conquest, ed., The New Urge Reader 2
Introduction by Elizabeth Yoo
New Urge Editions –  NU-107
Trade ppb; 178 pp.  ORDER



Pierre Louÿs, The New Pleasure & other stories
Translated from the French by G. F. Monkshood
New Urge / Classics of Passion
Trade ppb; 224 pp. ORDER


N. Conquest and Petra Anne Hawk, eds., The New Urge Reader 3
Introduction by Petra Anne Hawk
New Urge Editions –  NU-110
Trade ppb; 178 pp.  ORDER



John Diamond-Nigh, Sacred Sins: Short Sensual Stories
New Urge Editions –  NU-111
Trade ppb; 150 pp.  ORDER


Petra Anne Hawk,
The Observatory: A Novel
New Urge Editions –  NU-114
Trade ppb; 194 pp.  ORDER 




Victorian Vice: Anthology of Forbidden Pleasures
New Urge Editions –  NU-115
Trade ppb; 240 pp.  ORDER 



Anonymous, A Night in a Moorish Harem
New Urge Editions –  NU-117
Trade ppb; 190 pp.  ORDER 




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