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The GOP is up to its old tricks again and Black Scat is striking back with this full color poster by artist Norman Conquest.

WOW (2015)
Black Scat Broadside – Number Three

printed on prime 80# UV-coated, acid-free stock. 12″ x 18.”



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On August 6th the conversation begins…


Carla M. Wilson‘s quirky experimental work mixes fact & fiction. IMPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS will amuse, educate, demystify, and delight.

Featuring imaginary interviews with 15 artists: Yoko Ono, Andy WarholAlfred HitchcockVincent Van GoghPaul GauguinGeorgia O’KeeffeLouise BourgeoisMan Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador DalíLeonora CarringtonMadge GillBalthusBéla LugosiAgatha Christie and—yes—even Anonymous.

Wilson cleverly penetrates the facade of celebrity and brings us closer to the human being behind the brand. Her fascinating dialogues are linked in a metafictional narrative that transcends time. A nearly impossible feat!

On sale worldwide Thursday, August 6th in a trade paperback edition from Black Scat Books.

More Scat for your wall…

We’re pleased to announce the release of the second in our series of Black Scat Broadsides. JANE RUSSELL AND ME by Frank Pulaski,  an erotic surrealist memoir.

Black Scat Broadside – Number Two
Poster printed on prime 80# UV-coated, acid-free stock. 12″ x 18.”

Add some literary va-va-voom to your bedroom.




Good Luck!


cover painting by Alice Pulaski


Are you superstitious? If so, this may be your lucky day. We’re accepting manuscripts for BLACK SCAT REVIEW‘s thirteenth issue, theme: “Superstition.”  Deadline: Sept. 30th, 2015.

Issue #13 may, in fact, precede #12 (“Roussel’s Revenge”). That’s just the way we roll around here. Meanwhile, we’re still looking for texts in the spirit of Raymond Roussel.

Manuscripts should be sent to: black scat (at) outlook (dot) com

We strongly advise that you read an issue before submitting.


In the wings, some special things (eighth edition)…


On the 4th of July, Black Scat Books celebrated three years of publishing. In that short span of time we’ve released nearly 100 titles, which may make us seem bigger than we are. We’re still a small, independent press that barely scrapes by each month. Word of mouth is very important to us as that’s how most of our readers discover us, i.e., a friend whispers in their ear. We invite you to pass the good word along. And if you aren’t following this blog, please enter your email address on this page and subscribe— that way you’ll always know what’s waiting in the wings.

Remember, good lit happens here.

Go off the beaten path this summer…


These hot new releases are ideal summer reading. Alain Arias-Misson‘s experimental novel COMIC BOOK subverts the comic book formula and turns it inside-out. Indeed, the sex & violence spins off the page and into your head—right where it belongs. Talk about fun!

THE DOUG SKINNER DOSSIER is a biblical picnic—complete with ants in your pants. This lavish (imitation leather) compendium is loaded with black humor, absurdism, and sheer nonsense—a delightful divertissement for the beach or hammock.

Come on,  dive in and READ DIFFERENT!

Kiss that Gideon goodbye!


Holy cow!—it’s the gospel according to Doug Skinner—featuring articles, short stories, verses, columns, literary essays, alphabets, metrical translations, monologues, talks, cartoons, rounds, lipogrammatic smut, a puppet show, a ventriloquism routine, and a one-act play!

THE DOUG SKINNER DOSSIER is destined to be in every motel room across the land. This divine illustrated edition features over 240 pages of wit, wisdom, and profundity. It fairly overflows with inspirational black humor and some rather dangerous (albeit gloomy) ideas that might not be suitable for nuclear family get-togethers. But — swear to god — it’s a hell of a good book!


Here’s a peek at the contents:


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