A Gala Reading of CAPTAIN CAP

Doug Skinner read from (and signed copies of) his sparkling translation of Alphonse Allais’s Captain Cap: His Adventures, His Ideas, His Drinks at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn tonight. By all accounts it was a delightful performance and Alphonse would have been proud—not to mention inebriated, as Captain Cap cocktails were on the house.




If you missed the performance, don’t miss the book which is available on Amazon here.

<< Photographs by Farewell Debut. >>

A Foetal Treat is Born!


In 2012, Opal Louis Nations gave new meaning to the word “definition” with The Complete Unabridged Lexicon—a classic reference of lexical eccentricity. Today, the distinguished author and artist gives new meaning to the word “personhood” with his masterpiece of speculative collage and text—Embryo World & Others Stripped Bare.

This lavishly illustrated Black Scat Classic Interim Edition (#05) unveils a future ripe with dark foetal visions—at once feral and sublime—fresh from the fertile womb of Opal Nations.

A visit to Embryo World at this moment of conception transports one to unborn umbilical galaxies where amorphodytes commune and drool, where past is both present and future.


Is it sacrilege or ‘pataphysics? Dada or prenatal hallucination?

Enter Embryo World and discover the naked truth—the flesh & blood & skin & bone of human destiny.

In full foetal color. Limited to 125 copies.  OUT OF PRINT

Five is Alive!

Cover: collage by Nile Southern

 is alive and screaming.

FEATURING a selection of poems by one of Italy’s most highly-regarded poets, Patrizia Valduga; a portfolio of controversial images by artist Brett Stout; an illuminating take on Harold Jaffe‘s Paris 60 by Andy O’ClancyMark Axelrod on the secret origins of jai alai; Shane Roeschlein navigates the Void OST; Captain Cap plays a trick on Alphonse Allais (or vice versa); and Samy Sfoggia treats us to a very strange wedding indeed. Plus a kick-ass cover by the great Nile Southern.

Available in print and digital editions.


Good Nudes!


We’re celebrating the release of MOO NUDES in this full color, limited Black Scat Classic Interim Edition.


This provocative collection of nude studies by Austrian painter Monika Mori—known internationally as “Moo”—was created with mixed media on stretched canvas and watercolors. Playful, moody, seductive, and aloof, the figures are animated by the dazzling colors of Ms. Mori’s palette, which bring to life these abstract forms. Moo Nudes is a slyly erotic celebration of the female body.


This edition is limited to 125 copies. SOLD OUT


Monika Mori


Monika Mori (known internationally as the artist MOO) was born in 1960 in Moedling, Austria, and studied Fine Art with Prof. Anneliese Beschorner. She amplified her scope as an artist by formal training and workshops in Spain, Germany and Florida. Since 2008, her work has been exhibited worldwide and is included in major and private collections.

In 2012, Black Scat Books published a collection of her work titled Shattered Rainbow. This volume represents her interaction with materials and colors in varied techniques. Studies of the female body are applied in mixed media technique on canvas with soft pastels, acrylics and oil. Her powerful watercolor paintings on artist
paper celebrate erotic femininity and the eternal enigma of women.

Ms. Mori currently lives in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria.