This rare perk has been added to our Fund-O-Rama: Jason E. Rolfe‘s personal, annotated copy of AN INCONVENIENT CORPSE. This out of print short fiction collection (Rolfe’s first book) was published in 2014 and IS #30 in Black Scat’s Absurdist Texts & Documents series. Rolfe’s witty, handwritten comments make CORPSE a lively collector’s item.





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Scat in Hand

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We have a lot of exciting projects in store for you, including BLACK SCAT REVIEW #18 which, in part, features fresh translations —never before in English—of Rimbaud, Gautier, Verlaine, Charles Cros, and Alfred Jarry.

Also in the pipeline: new books by Stefan Themerson, Peter McAdam, Tom Whalen, Doug Skinner, and Alphonse Allais, to name a few.

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We’ve added two rare perks to Black Scat’s FUND-O-RAMA.








Generic Protest Kit. Beuyscout Edition. (New York: 1992). Includes a generic impeachment post card; generic protest button; and generic petition. Multiple edition limited to 50 examples. Rare (but always timely!) work by the international anti-censorship art collective Beuyscouts of Amerika.








“Why She Leans” (1986) Handmade erotic post card. Collage by artist Norman Conquest. Signed. Rubber stamped on back “Conquest Archives” over handwritten message. Postmarked Van Nuys California, 20 Jan 1986. One of a kind work from the artist’s personal collection.

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