Your room is waiting . . .


“The maid who lives in the attic room above me can barely make it down the stairs any longer. She has been in my service for twenty years, so I can hardly dismiss her. But all night I hear the creak of her bedsprings as she tosses about, unable to sleep. The room is too small, her back bent from stooping. Her little mouse feet scutter about the floor nervously. She does not know where to go. I can call on her to do nothing. I imagine her growing younger in sleep, growing younger, until one day footsteps are heard on the attic stairs, and  a small child enters my room and draws the curtain.”

So begins this haunting stay at the Hotel Ortolan. We are drawn in slowly, seduced by the poetic text. We are at turns frightened, amused, disoriented. We move through these rooms, these impossible spaces like captive guests. The hotel itself cannot possibly exist, and yet evidence lies before us in a series of evocative photographs by Michel Varisco.

We invite you to experience this surrealist collaboration.

Your room is waiting…

Hotel Ortolan
Text by Tom Whalen /  photographs by Michel Varisco
Absurdist Texts & Documents – No. 19
Edition of 125 copies.  $12.50


All Urges Go Haywire


The new issue of BLACK SCAT REVIEW is now available.

Eurydice gets naked and dances on the body of America; Ryan Francis Kelly monkeys with words; Samantha Memi finds god; Doug Rice invents forgetting; Harold Jaffe takes aim at macho; Loren Kantor carves iconic faces; Pipa Anais Gaubert drinks wine in Berlin; Peter Cherches loses it in the pasta aisle; Frank Pulaski unveils an art-whore peep show; Alain Arias-Misson reinvents the comic book; Yuriy Tarnawsky lets his hair down; and Poggio Bracciolini dishes up some ancient (indecent) delights.


Eyes Wide Open



Farewell Debut‘s astonishing new collection of images were all captured with an iPhone. She opens our eyes to strange, subterranean visions that vanish in a blink, but return to haunt.


“A digital Rorschach exploration.” –Diana Scheunemann

“A real visual feast!  If this is a farewell to Debut’s debut, I can’t wait to see what the next meal will be.”  –Yuriy Tarnawsky, author of The Placebo Effect Trilogy

“The kaleidoscopic eccentricity in Farewell’s work seduces you into a visionary world of colour and form.”  –Samantha Memi (UK)

“Her images are like memories snapping fire.”   –Derek Pell

Surreal, eerie, absurd, BLINK is one artist’s response to a world drowning in snapshots.




Is it art? Anti-art? Anti-iPhone? Or a clarion call to rebel?

From the artist’s introduction:

…fine art is dead and we’re destined to listen to thin pop music while wearing The Bright Capri and The Crossing Waters Sandal in Tangerine. Or not.

Over 100 pages of unforgettable color photographs in a limited edition of 100 copies, perfect-bound, in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

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Some Are Reading . . . (part 2)


Nothing like a good book on a summer’s day.

Even better, reading a sublime paperback from Black Scat Books.

Better still, enjoying How I Became an Idiot by Francisque Sarcey (actually written by one Alphonse Allais), translated from the French by the venerable Doug Skinner. Mr. Skinner is seen here exhibiting his fine taste in summer reading matter while relaxing in the Hamptons. (NOTE: This photo was not taken in the Hamptons, but it could have been had Mr. Skinner gone there.)

How I Became an Idiot is filled with biting wit and scatological humor. It’s the perfect beach book, as long as it’s read upside down so the title cannot be detected. After all, no one wants to be mistaken for an idiot.


Captain Cap Rides Again!

illustration by Doug Skinner

Hang on to your caps, folks, the Captain is back in a capsized edition designed to teaseVolume III in our hilarious 4-volume series.

Captain Cap: The Antifilter & Other Inventions by Alphonse Allais, translated and illustrated by Doug Skinner. This literary landmark is the first publication in English featuring Allais’s hilarious, booze-cruising captain of the high seasthe unthinkably unsinkable Captain Cap.

Over 100, profusely illustrated pages, The Antifilter is packed with strange, pataphysical inventions, quirky cons, cocktails, wordplay and absurd pranks. In short, it’s a feast for landlubbers and lover’s of French lit & humor.


  • a new way to give microbes what they deserve
  • a successful ascension, without a craft
  • a machine that travels 234 kilometers an hour
  • the secret of a truly modern house
  • the art of shoeing horses on the Australian pampas
  • a strange theory on the formation of coal

 and much, much more!


110 pages, perfect-bound. Limited to 125 copies. $21.50

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