Today we celebrate our 8th birthday! Hooray!  Black Scat was born July 4th, 2012 with the launch of the Absurdist Texts & Documents series (#1: Alphonse Allais’s MASKS). There are now 39 chapbooks in the series, and we’ve published over 150 paperbacks. Who knew this small press would grow so big? We sure didn’t.



Fuck Covid! Celebrate independent publishing and drink a toast to us tonight. Show your support for Black Scat and grab a book.  Here are a few suggestions among our recent releases:




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June Buffoonery!

Last month we were tickled pink and apple-green to announce
a new collection by THE master of the absurd, Alphonse Allais
. For June, we’re JUST PLAIN pickled to unleash THIS anthology of unadulterated nonsense — nonsense in all its merry infestations,  from subtle emanations to cartoon lunacy.

LE SCAT NOIR BEDSIDE NONSENSE is profusely illustrated and packed with AMUSING stories, songs, games, WORDPLAY & poesy by an international roster of inspired misfits.

Featuring: Mark Axelrod, Tom Barrett, Angie Brenner, Ken Brown, Norman Conquest, Caroline Crépiat, Haley Dahl,  Farewell Debut, Paul Forristal, Ryan Forsythe, Penelope Goddard, Jean-Jacques Grandville, Simon Hanes, Rhys Hughes, Alexei Kalinchuk, KKUURRTT, Rick Krieger, David Moscovich, Jason E. Rolfe, Paul Rosheim, Bob Rucker, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Doug Skinner, Terry Southern, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Tom Whalen, and Carla M. Wilson.

It’s the perfect antidote  for  summer lockdown  — and  no mask required.


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“Who is fresh? Allais!”—Paul Verlaine

Summer reading, fresh as a sea breeze  and multicolored,  too.  Yes,  there are only two colors, but what lovely colors they are. Besides, this is no time to nitpick when  a new collection by Alphonse Allais —France’s greatest humorist—awaits you. Translated to perfection by the great  Doug Skinner, this edition is packed with 44 odd and hilarious texts by the master absurdist—plus 5 extra stories culled from the pages of Le Journal. That’s over 260 pages! — guaranteed to keep you laughing all summer long.

PINK AND APPLE-GREEN is a colorful addition to Allais’s “anthumous works.”



Add this to your book collection

In case you missed it…

…now’s the time for a dose of Alphonse Allais.

MASKS  is quintessential Allais — a pataphysical text admired by the Surrealists (André Breton included it in his seminal Anthologie de l’humour noir). It was celebrated by the French group Oulipo, and has been the subject of scholarly studies by the writer and semiotician Umberto Eco, Francis Corblin, and others. Originally published in France under the title “Un drame bien parisien,” this Black Scat chapbook third edition has been adapted and illustrated by artist Norman Conquest, and includes an introduction and notes on the text by Allaisian scholar Doug Skinner. CLICK HERE to order on Amazon.

Stay home and read it in good health.

smells like teen ‘pataphysics

“If physics proposes: ‘You have a brother and he likes Cheez Whiz,’ then metaphysics replies, ‘If you have a brother, he likes Cheez Whiz.’ But ‘Pataphysics says: ‘You don’t have a brother and he likes Cheez Whiz.’ “—after Georges Perec

NOW AVAILABLE worldwide!

Over two years in the making, smells like teen ‘pataphysics is packed with signs of the phenomenon, oscillating pyramids and luminous vapors. This groundbreaking trade paper edition is profusely illustrated with dystopian charts,  diagrams, maps, mazes, and crime scene photographs. Discover Norman Conquest‘s cryptic pataphysical experiments—triumphs as well as failures— guaranteed to astound. Surf the Science of Imaginary Solutions!

Black Scat Books is proud to bring this illuminating volume to the general public.

**Includes  THE previously unpublished secret rules to the game of Monotony.

smells like teen ‘pataphysics
by Norman Conquest
112 pp., illustrated, $12.95

CLICK HERE to order on Amazon.