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A sequel to our 2017 absurdist anthology, Le Scat Noir Encyclopaedia, featuring A-Z entries encompassing “All human knowledge in a single volume® ” — with a nod to Jarry’s science of imaginary solutions.  Contributors are advised to be familiar with the content and format  of the original edition before submitting. You can order a copy here.

Entries may be as short as one or two sentences for dictionary definitions; general entries should be between 50 and 150 words. Encyclopedic entries should not exceed 300 words. However, exceptions may be made based on textual excellence and pataphysical rigor. If you wish to include an illustration, format must be grayscale, 300 dpi (jpeg, png, or tif). Preference is for vintage line illustrations.

Below is a sample entry from our original edition.








Please include name and email address within manuscript. Email your submission to: blackscatbooks (AT) icloud (DOT) com

Reporting time: 2 weeks.

DEADLINE: December 1st, 2020.

smells like teen ‘pataphysics

“If physics proposes: ‘You have a brother and he likes Cheez Whiz,’ then metaphysics replies, ‘If you have a brother, he likes Cheez Whiz.’ But ‘Pataphysics says: ‘You don’t have a brother and he likes Cheez Whiz.’ “—after Georges Perec

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Over two years in the making, smells like teen ‘pataphysics is packed with signs of the phenomenon, oscillating pyramids and luminous vapors. This groundbreaking trade paper edition is profusely illustrated with dystopian charts,  diagrams, maps, mazes, and crime scene photographs. Discover Norman Conquest‘s cryptic pataphysical experiments—triumphs as well as failures— guaranteed to astound. Surf the Science of Imaginary Solutions!

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smells like teen ‘pataphysics
by Norman Conquest
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The Pope’s Mustard-Maker (Le Moutardier du pape) was the last work that Alfred Jarry finished, a few months before his death in 1907. It is a bawdy three-act farce loosely based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, with a huge cast and lively songs bubbling with rhymes and wordplay.

Readers who know Jarry only from Ubu or his novels may be surprised that he wrote operettas, but his are fully Jarryesque, with his usual gusto for smutty jokes, legend, folklore, puns, wild invention, and popular theater. In his hands, Pope Joan becomes Jane, who runs off with her lover and disguises herself as pope. How will she pass inspection on the slotted chair? What will she do when her husband shows up? And has there ever been another production number celebrating the spiritual virtues of enemas?

A sublime translation from the French by Doug Skinner.

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