Happy New Year!

A smart start to a pataphysical new year.

from Belgium with love

Bonne Patannée 2021!
Time to celebrate imaginary solutions. — Linda Klieger Stillman
Boudoir Reference

This volume contains all the knowledge you’ll ever need to have a successful life of the mind. Profusely illustrated, featuring entries by an international roster of distinguished experts from the arts, sciences, university and academia.

“An encyclopedia ought to make good the failure to execute such a project hitherto, and should encompass not only the fields already covered by the academies, but each and every branch of human knowledge.” —Diderot

“Today everyone wants to know everything – and preferably in alphabetical order.” —François Caradec

Le mot encyclopédie a été utilisé en français pour la première fois par Rabelais, mais ce n’est que lorsque Norman Conquest en a édité une qu’il a pris une dimension sublime.”—R. Queneau

Distinguished contributors from around the world include: Adrienne Auvray, Mark Axelrod, Tom Barrett, Norman Conquest, Caroline Crépiat, René Descartes, Peter Gambaccini, Eckhard Gerdes, Charles Holdefer, Rhys Hughes, Tractor Inspector, Alfred Jarry, M. Kasper, Richard Kostelanetz, Amy Kurman, Librairie Larousse, Michael Leigh, Olchar E. Lindsann, Opal Louis Nations, Daren Elsa Nibelly, Dr. Novalis, Pata-No , Richard Peabody, Mercie Pedro, Derek Pell, Charlotte Porter, Frank Pulaski, Jason E. Rolfe, Sourav Roy, Dr. I. L. Sandomir, Paulette Single, Doug Skinner, Maddy Smith, Linda Klieger Stillman, Corinne Taunay, Text Fixer, Kimberly Vodicka, Tom Whalen, Femke van der Wijk, Carla Wilson.


Wanton Words, Ribald Rhymes, & Naughty Lyrics

AWAY with silks, away with lawn,
I’ll have no scenes or curtains drawn;
Give me my mistress as she is,
Dress’d in her nak’d simplicities:
For as my heart e’en so mine eye
Is won with flesh, not drapery.
—Robert Herrick

A lusty anthology featuring titillating odes by an array of libertine poets of the XVII and XVIII centuries (Robert  Herrick, John Donne, William Congreve, Thomas Campion, et al.)  The works include gentle celebrations of the female sex; witty & whimsical whispers designed to seduce; and urgent pleas of—in the words of André Breton—L’amour fou. In this surreal realm of ribald eros, Virginity is a lost cause and Sexual Pleasure reigns supreme.

Our edition is profusely illustrated —from maidenhead to toe!—with works by more than a dozen artists, including Édouard-Henri Avril, Vivant Denon, Amandine Doré, and Thomas Rowlandson. As volume 8 in the popular Pocket Erotica series, POEMS OF LUST & DESIRE makes a delicious stocking-stuffer for all the libertines on your holiday list.

illustration by André Collot

by Libertine Poets of the XVII and XVIII Centuries
Pocket Erotica  [№ 8 ]
Illustrated; 110 pp., $12
ISBN 978-1-7356159-8-1


Temenuga_smlCongratulations to Temenuga Trifonova—her film adaptation of her novel TOURIST has just won “Best Feature” at the Mostra Cinema Taranto film festival in Italy.  Black Scat Books is thrilled to be publishing TOURIST  in July.

TOURIST tells the mysterious story of Jack Sturrett, a book reviewer for a London literary magazine. Dissatisfied with his job, he makes an impulsive decision to leave the city without informing anyone of his departure. He boards a bus which takes him to a small town up north where he gets a job as a tourist guide after becoming so widely read in the town’s history that he passes for a local. Outside work he maintains the identity of a tourist, living in hotels and constantly reinventing his back-story. As his fake local persona becomes threateningly real, he finds himself a suspect in a murder investigation.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.55.48 AMtourist_final_sml 2

Temenuga Trifonova is Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at York University in Toronto. Her first novel, Rewrite, was published by NON Publishing (Vancouver) in 2014. Trifonova is the author of the scholarly monographs Warped Minds: Cinema and Psychopathology (2014) and The Image in French Philosophy (2007), and the edited volumes Contemporary Visual Culture and the Sublime (2017) and European Film Theory (2008). She has been a visiting scholar and/or artist at the American Academy in Rome, the Brown Foundation at the Dora Maar House (France), The Fondation des Treilles (France), the New York University Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, and the Pushkinskaya Art Centre in St. Petersburg. She is currently a Marie Curie Fellow at Le Studium Centre for Advanced Studies in Tours, France.

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Happy New Year!


THE SCAT’S OUT OF THE BAG and we’re starting the New Year off with a BANG the January issue of Le Scat Noir — crammed with art, fiction, poetry, translations, advice, horoscopes, lists, inspired doodles and detritus. Featuring contributions by an international roster: ALPHONSE ALLAIS, PAULO BRITO, PINK BUDDHA, SIMON CHILD, NORMAN CONQUEST, ECKHARD GERDES,  RUSSELL HELMS,  HAROLD JAFFE, JAN VANDER LAENEN,  TERRI LLOYD, SAMANTHA MEMI, SHEILA PELL, FRANK PULASKI, RON RIEKKI, STEPHEN SILKE, DOUG SKINNER, MADALINA TANTAREANU, TOM WHALEN, & CARLA M. WILSON.

LSN is published monthly by Black Scat Books and is available free online. You can download the new issue  HERE.

Spread the good turd.


Crad Kilodney (1948-2014) R.I.P.


The legendary absurdist writer Crad Kilodney passed away on April 14th.

I knew Crad back in the early days when he was hawking his outrageously titled books on the mean streets of Toronto.  You can imagine the reception he received with books like the one shown above. People were either completely indifferent or fist-shakingly hostile. But that never stopped him. With crazy courage he stood his ground for 17 years.  He produced 32 books of brilliant humor & satire.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a few pieces (circa 1979) for Only Paper Today, an avant-garde Toronto newspaper.

He was often under the influence of Alphonse Allais, for he would interrupt his texts with hilarious asides and non sequiturs. One of my favorites appeared in the middle of a paragraph, sans parentheses: “Speed-readers go to hell.”

In 2012, I reprinted Crad’s story “Ed McBain Stole My Joke” in the first issue of BLACK SCAT REVIEW.

Sad that he left us, but he has left me laughing — that’s  the highest compliment I know.

Here’s a link to his obit  and below a short documentary about him made in 1992 at York University .

Crad Kilodney from Tristen Bakker on Vimeo.

A new page is lurking…

What’s new?

Well we’ve added “Bookends” to our navigation bar—a new page that should excite hardcore Scat-addicts seeking the inside dope. It’s a quiet place for idle chatter, gossip, and behind-the-scenes tidbits, such as notes on our cover designs, revealing author fetishes, and the key to cryptic Black Scat nomenclature. In other words, information  too esoteric for the front page.

Have a look.

Live from New York…



Literary legends Yuriy Tarnawsky (left) and Alain Arias-Misson at the Emily Harris Gallery reception last night. It was a glittering & festive evening marking Alain’s return visit to the Big Apple for a series of readings & performances (see previous post here). He holds in his hand a spanking new copy of his fiction collection, THE MAN WHO WALKED ON AIR & OTHER TALES OF INNOCENCE, published by Black Scat Books.



Alain Arias-Misson reading from his new collection of erotic “tales of innocence” to a packed crowd at the Ukrainian Institute of America. Everyone’s talking about The Man Who Walked On Air.  You can catch Alain tonight at the White Box for an “Avant-Garde Variety Show”‏—don’t miss It.   329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002 | Tel: 212-714-2347.