The One That Got Away

In retrospect, we regret not using this colorful design by Norman Conquest. Instead we went with NC’s understated alternate.

Although it would make a nice button.

Design 9 From Outer Space

The original design for THE SELECTED POEMS OF EDWARD D. WOOD, JR. (at left) was suitably tacky, but we decided to go with the more dramatic, black version. If you want to treat yourself to the world’s worst poetry, click on the image below.

Two New Designs at Black Scat Books

Two books by Catherine D’Avis have been graced with new cover designs by artist Norman Conquest. The original editions for our New Urge line all featured bright red spines, and a uniform typeface (Zulia) on the covers. Now the imprint — as well as its logo — has been updated.

The original New Urge logo (at left) with its jagged letter U. The updated design with its twin triangles and circular text provides a clear, less frenetic emblem.

A fresh look for our NEW URGE READER OMNIBUS, which
features Pinturiccho’s classical painting Judgment of Paris,
ca 1509.

It’s a rare occurrence when we announce a book that never sees publication. Here are two titles that were never released. The New Pleasure was in fact published, but this cover design rejected as it would surely have been blocked by the censors at Amazon.