Take Cover Before Striking


Available in flaming full color, this collection of matchbook art by Norman Conquest includes reproductions of mixed media multiple editions, one-of-a kinds, and virtual creations produced over the years.

In 1989, while a fiery debate over flag-burning raged in Washington, D.C., the artist created his notorious “Beuyscout Matchbook” — a  multiple edition of 100 examples.










Other works of political satire followed such as his “generic protest” series which included an “Impeach Him/Her Now!” matchbook.

There were also humorous works aimed  at the art world, such as “Drool” (1991).

This unique chapbook features color reproductions of these rare, incendiary objects.

by Norman Conquest
30 pp., 5.25″ x 8.25″
Perfect-bound, color illustrations


Spring Noir is Here!



We’re thrilled to announce this advance release of Norman Conquest’s REAR WINDOWS: AN INSIDE LOOK AT FIFTY FILM NOIR CLASSICS—destined to become the bible of Film Noir studies

This special edition features digitally enhanced scenes from fifty Film Noir masterpieces as you’ve never seen them before. It’s a must-have reference for thrill-seeking aficionados, students of cinema, and collectors of offbeat artists’ books. Spanning the golden age of Noir (1941-1962), it includes over 50 rare photographic stills from memorable hard-boiled motion pictures, such as The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Big Sleep, Out of the Past, Kiss Me Deadly, and many more. Includes an illuminating introduction by Robert Wexelblatt, Professor of Humanities, Boston University.


“…the most truthful book on Noir that’s out there.”Tosh Berman, Tam Tam Books

“I’ve just been (re)reading Rancière on the mis-en-scene revolution in theatre at the end of C19th. Here Norman Conquest goes literally beyond the mis-en-scene and adds in a Wagnerian negation of the star system. Erase glamour! Bring forward the scene makers.“—Stefan Szczelkun

“This is conceptual art at its finest. Ingenious in its simplicity, startling, absurd, and very funny.” —
Alec  Burroughs

“Evocative… I like the various physical/psychological angles with which [Conquest] approaches  the stills, each of which is elegantly if sometimes surprisingly effected.” —Harold Jaffe

This is No. 27 in our acclaimed Absurdist Texts & Documents Series.
Perfect-bound paperback. 68 pp. $16.00

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