Zombies R Us


Time to walk (or is it rock?) with the Robot Zombies of Angkor Wat.

Wat’s new? Why, this  new experimental soundtrack mix from Midnight Grindhouse by the one and only DrG Supreme. Man, this audio is cool and ear-ie, so don those headphones, crank up the decibels and trance on over to our Scat Trax page.

Jungle Captive

jungle captive

Enter the bizarre world of “Jungle Captive”… a new noir sound experience that will transport you to a strange, palpitating realm where unbridled passions run wild and umbrageous desires dance in a tangled web of naked weirdness.

CLICK HERE to listen to this haunting soundtrack by DrG Supreme.

NOW PLAYING: Voodoo Sister & The Handcuffed Mind

SCAT TRAX—the audio arm of Black Scat Books—in association with MIDNIGHT GRINDHOUSE, an experimental sound project based in Singapore, is proud to present two ‘treated soundtracks’ by artist DrG Supreme: Voodoo Sister  and The Handcuffed Mind.

These noirish concoctions are created entirely from original soundtracks of B-movie noir and exploitation flicks. We invite you to enjoy these on our Scat Trax page.

Admission is free.