What happens when you combine patriotism and ‘pataphysics (the science of imaginary solutions)? That’s right, you get a big BANG and fireworks — all packed inside the new

The July issue features incendiary works by Alain Arias-Misson, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Mitchell Eva, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold JaffeAlfred Jarry, Richard Kostelanetz, Terri Lloyd, Frank PulaskiJason E. Rolfe, Paul RosheimMercie Pedro e Silva, and Doug Skinner

#225 marks the first interactive edition with “live” links and an EXCLUSIVE screen-video of Alfred Jarry’s resurrection!  

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Happy New Year!


THE SCAT’S OUT OF THE BAG and we’re starting the New Year off with a BANG the January issue of Le Scat Noir — crammed with art, fiction, poetry, translations, advice, horoscopes, lists, inspired doodles and detritus. Featuring contributions by an international roster: ALPHONSE ALLAIS, PAULO BRITO, PINK BUDDHA, SIMON CHILD, NORMAN CONQUEST, ECKHARD GERDES,  RUSSELL HELMS,  HAROLD JAFFE, JAN VANDER LAENEN,  TERRI LLOYD, SAMANTHA MEMI, SHEILA PELL, FRANK PULASKI, RON RIEKKI, STEPHEN SILKE, DOUG SKINNER, MADALINA TANTAREANU, TOM WHALEN, & CARLA M. WILSON.

LSN is published monthly by Black Scat Books and is available free online. You can download the new issue  HERE.

Spread the good turd.


Oulipian Wordplay & Ecstatic Constraints


Pucker up your lipograms, OULIPO PORNOBONGO has arrived.

Our three,  limited edition volumes of the Anthology of Erotic Wordplay are out of print and scarce. Now the complete set has been compiled into one juicy paperback edition—Illustrated in shocking  full color. This is the book collectors have been drooling for.

Discover inspired works of constrained ecstasy by Alphonse Allais, Alain Arias-Misson, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Rusty Cuffs, Farewell Debut, Tom La Farge, Larry Fondation, Paul Forristal, Ryan Forsythe, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Roger Leatherwood, D.S. Macpherson, Samantha Memi, Ellen Nations, Opal Louis Nations, Andy O’Clancy, Lance Olsen, Derek Pell, Shane Roeschlein, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Maria Schurr, Lucy Selleck, Kebob G. Shoon, Doug Skinner, Tara Stillions Whitehead, and Giovanni Zuniga.

It’s a veritable orgy of art, text, and Oulipian mischief.


Anthology of Erotic Wordplay
edited by Norman Conquest
168 pages; illustrated, full color
trade paperback; $24.95


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In the merry month of May…


Featuring John Nickle, Kelli Stanley, J Kingston Pierce, Michael Hemmingson, Farewell Debut, Steven M. Markow, Michelle Gray, Larry Fondation, Susan Siegrist, Tom Larsen, Harold Jaffe, Carla M. Wilson, Peter Cherches, and Monika Mori.



Five is Alive!

Cover: collage by Nile Southern

 is alive and screaming.

FEATURING a selection of poems by one of Italy’s most highly-regarded poets, Patrizia Valduga; a portfolio of controversial images by artist Brett Stout; an illuminating take on Harold Jaffe‘s Paris 60 by Andy O’ClancyMark Axelrod on the secret origins of jai alai; Shane Roeschlein navigates the Void OST; Captain Cap plays a trick on Alphonse Allais (or vice versa); and Samy Sfoggia treats us to a very strange wedding indeed. Plus a kick-ass cover by the great Nile Southern.

Available in print and digital editions.


All Urges Go Haywire


The new issue of BLACK SCAT REVIEW is now available.

Eurydice gets naked and dances on the body of America; Ryan Francis Kelly monkeys with words; Samantha Memi finds god; Doug Rice invents forgetting; Harold Jaffe takes aim at macho; Loren Kantor carves iconic faces; Pipa Anais Gaubert drinks wine in Berlin; Peter Cherches loses it in the pasta aisle; Frank Pulaski unveils an art-whore peep show; Alain Arias-Misson reinvents the comic book; Yuriy Tarnawsky lets his hair down; and Poggio Bracciolini dishes up some ancient (indecent) delights.


New Issue!


IN THIS ISSUE: Alphonse Allais and François Caradec get high; Doug Skinner translates and reports; Carla Wilson interviews a faux Warhol; David Macpherson’s detective reveals the clues; Jim McMenamin turns on some screen gems; Nile Southern travels back to the future; Tom Whalen serves up a love story; Opal Nations strips the flesh off Embryo World; Erik Belgum offers up some poisons; Farewell Debut blinks visual antiphonies; Larry Fondation explores Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain. Plus a portfolio of drawings by the late Peter Hanssen.


Coming Soon


Ah, the merry month of March hath arrived, and that means the “Pleasure” issue of Black Scat Review will soon be available. In addition to its provocative cover photograph by Eleanor Bennett (a British sixteen year old of astounding talent), the magazine features nearly 80 pages of pleasurable art & fiction by Alain Arias-Misson, Jonathan Baumbach, Guy R. Beining, Miggs Burroughs, Pierre Henri Cami, John Crombie, Farewell Debut, Jacinta EscudosStephen D. Gutierrez, Harold Jaffe, Richard Kostelanetz, Terri Lloyd, Samantha Memi, Opal Louis Nations, Derek PellDoug Skinner, and D. Harlan Wilson.

This is one issue you won’t want to miss, and to avoid such a catastrophe simply enter your email address in the box in the column at left (below “Join the Underground”).  How hard is that?

March on!