MISSING MYSTERIES: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF NONEXISTENT MYSTERIES by Derek Pell has just been reviewed by the influential RAP SHEET blog.


Classics Both “Lost” and Reinterpreted

Several times over the past few years, I’ve mentioned that Northern California artist, photographer, and author Derek Pell was creating a pictorial collection of 100 “missing mysteries,” mischievous covers he created for whodunit and thriller novels that never actually existed…   CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE REVIEW

In the merry month of May…


Featuring John Nickle, Kelli Stanley, J Kingston Pierce, Michael Hemmingson, Farewell Debut, Steven M. Markow, Michelle Gray, Larry Fondation, Susan Siegrist, Tom Larsen, Harold Jaffe, Carla M. Wilson, Peter Cherches, and Monika Mori.