Class Struggle, Wordplay, & Derring-do!

Each line that Judson Hamilton invents carbonates your imagination to the point where your brain spills over in a waterfall of fizzy synapses.”
Carl Annarummo, Greying Ghost Press

Cover art and design by Ievgen Kharuk

The Count of Monty Christo meets Monty Python in this wickedly funny experimental novella. Will Morel and Valentine usurp their respective masters in time for a happy ending?  Judson Hamilton‘s tale of class struggle appropriates the language of 19th century literature and turns it against itself. Rad, indeed!

Available in a limited print edition of 150 copies as well as a digital version



BLACK SCAT REVIEW #6 is Available!


BLACK SCAT REVIEW features innovative fiction, art, interviews, and works in translation.

In this issue: Nin Andrews, Emily June Brink, Eckhard Gerdes, Michelle Gray, Judson Hamilton, Sarah Katharina Kayß, Adam Miller, Ivan de Monbrison, Jules Moy, Opal Louis Nations, Doug Skinner, Brett Stout, Joanna C. Valente, and Sayuri Yamada. PLUS an extensive interview with Yuriy Tarnawsky on the release of The Placebo Effect Trilogy.

Full color book format — 78 pages — Perfect-bound ($18.00).

Also available in a digital edition ($5.00).




In the wings, some special things (fifth edition)…


jt_smlThe Derangement of Jules Torquemal
by Robert Wexelblatt

“The best thing would be for me to go away. Everyone says so: Geneviève, Emmanuelle, Dr. Strouville; no doubt the milkman, the President of the Republic, and the Pope in Rome agree. The Minister might allow me a couple of weeks, but he’s been looking at me strangely of late, furtively but with intensity, as if trying to peer inside my skull and make a proper survey of the bleak thoughts to be found there…”

A daunting philosophical puzzle.

Black Scat Classic Interim Edition – No. 07
Publication:  April  9

*  *  *  *


Mud Bath
by Allan Bealy

At last, an album of Bealy’s edgy, layered, elegant collages. Incisive, in both senses.”
– Michael Kasper

“Allan Bealy is a collagist with a profound knowledge of the form’s history, as well as art history—period. With a vision that’s wide-ranging but cohesive, he’s one of those artists who can serve up a banquet of images in seemingly disparate styles, yet you’ll always know who cooked them up. Dig in to this delectable feast for the eyes, but take the time to savor each course.”
– Peter Cherches, author of Lift Your Right Arm

Black Scat Classic Interim Edition – No. 08
Publication:  May 14

*  *  *  *


Selected Plays of Alphonse Allais

Translated from the French by Doug Skinner

Rare theatrical works by the great French humorist.

Absurdist Texts & Documents  –  No. 28
Publication:  July  9

*  *  *  *
And more to come.