Discover what happens when famous fictional characters surface in the life of a writer.

Alain Arias-Misson has produced an indecently literary novel about a thoroughly picaresque Character. Passages have been plagiarized from a score of great Modernists — from Kafka and Stendhal to Joyce, Austen and Proust, from Strindberg, Constant and Mann to Michaux, Sterne and Beckett, and are woven seamlessly, unidentified, into his “autobiography.” For the Character — a budding author — is the product of those authors whose novels he has been nourished on. Characters step out of their fiction to advise and interfere with his life and he appears on stage in theirs. Where le petit Marcel’s nocturnal terrors begin and the Character’s end, or how the Character’s boyhood lusts lead him into the Brussels labyrinth of ladies of the night and how he meets young Daedalus there, already sated in a lady’s embrace, is an open question. The autobiography ends at the age of twenty-one, when like most authors he has read his own most important authors — yet the rest of his life has already been plotted.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A CHARACTER FROM FICTION is an extraordinary work of Oulipian imagination.



self-portrait with toastABOUT THE AUTHOR

Alain Arias-Misson is another character from a fiction by Alain Arias-Misson. He was born in Brussels, grew up from age four in New York,  Greek Literature and philosophy at Harvard, led a nomadic life throughout Europe, North Africa and New York. Lives in Paris and Venice. This is his ninth novel. In Europe he is known for his Public Poems in a dozen cities, and also New York and L.A., as well as his 3D poetry which has been shown in hundreds of galleries and museums around the world. On the other hand, little is known of the author.

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Carla M. Wilson‘s quirky experimental work mixes fact & fiction. IMPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS will amuse, educate, demystify, and delight.

Featuring imaginary interviews with 15 artists: Yoko Ono, Andy WarholAlfred HitchcockVincent Van GoghPaul GauguinGeorgia O’KeeffeLouise BourgeoisMan Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador DalíLeonora CarringtonMadge GillBalthusBéla LugosiAgatha Christie and—yes—even Anonymous.

Wilson cleverly penetrates the facade of celebrity and brings us closer to the human being behind the brand. Her fascinating dialogues are linked in a metafictional narrative that transcends time. A nearly impossible feat!

On sale worldwide Thursday, August 6th in a trade paperback edition from Black Scat Books.

Up To His Old Tricks

Yes, Professor C. W. Snowdrop is up to his old tricks again, and you’ll find them all inside Snowdrop in Africa when it hits the shelves on Halloween. It’s #6 in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series and nearly impossible to describe. Imagine a film noir starring Groucho Marx, with a screenplay by Raymond Roussel, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock—and that still doesn’t explain this metafiction by Norman Conquest.

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