Never before in the annals of art forgery has there been a case like this.

TRUE CRIME: The People vs. Rrose Sélavy, compiled by Karl Waldmann, features unpublished transcripts, exhibits, color illustrations, and shocking new evidence. Fact and fiction are forged together in this seminal work of DADA excavation.

This is an expanded, “rectified readymade edition” of the original, out of print chapbook published in 2016.

TRUE CRIME: The People vs. Rrose Sélavy
Rectified Readymade Edition
Absurdist Texts & Documents #32
Color illustrations, 44 pages; $14

Moo-na Lisa, mon amour

moo na lisa

From Austria with love comes this collage by Monika Mori (a.k.a. MOO). Here Ms. Mori reveals her lighter side in a Munch-like self-portrait. Everyone loves a good Ménage à trois, and we think this collaboration between three fine artists is particularly noteworthy.  (What do you say, Marcel?)

Sly smiles aside… consider Mori’s provocative abstracts in her collection Shattered Rainbow, published last year by Black Scat Books.

Take a peek. Then support your local artist.