The Special “Eros” Issue of LE SCAT NOIR is now availablefeaturing titillating texts & images by Adrienne Auvray, Paulo Brito, Tom Bussmann, Norman Conquest, Esbey, Stephanie Gatos, Eckhard Gerdes, Georges Hugnut, Jim Johnson, Steve Katz, Michael Leigh, Terri Lloyd, Mantis Man, Derek Pell, Frank Pulaski, Paul Rosheim, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, Nile Southern, Carol White. and Mihaly Zichy.  

***includes an excerpt from the novel POSH by Stephanie Gatos.

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“Derek Pell spins words like flaming yarn from a berserk spindle. Burroughs would be proud of this one . . . but Pell’s voice is entirely his own. Naked Lunch at Tiffany’s is a true work of literature.” –D. Harlan Wilson, author of Primordial: An Abstraction


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Five is Alive!

Cover: collage by Nile Southern

 is alive and screaming.

FEATURING a selection of poems by one of Italy’s most highly-regarded poets, Patrizia Valduga; a portfolio of controversial images by artist Brett Stout; an illuminating take on Harold Jaffe‘s Paris 60 by Andy O’ClancyMark Axelrod on the secret origins of jai alai; Shane Roeschlein navigates the Void OST; Captain Cap plays a trick on Alphonse Allais (or vice versa); and Samy Sfoggia treats us to a very strange wedding indeed. Plus a kick-ass cover by the great Nile Southern.

Available in print and digital editions.


New Issue!


IN THIS ISSUE: Alphonse Allais and François Caradec get high; Doug Skinner translates and reports; Carla Wilson interviews a faux Warhol; David Macpherson’s detective reveals the clues; Jim McMenamin turns on some screen gems; Nile Southern travels back to the future; Tom Whalen serves up a love story; Opal Nations strips the flesh off Embryo World; Erik Belgum offers up some poisons; Farewell Debut blinks visual antiphonies; Larry Fondation explores Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain. Plus a portfolio of drawings by the late Peter Hanssen.


Southern Discomfort…


A yummy treat (for those with strong stomachs) is coming soon in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series…a new collection of strange  “tastes” from the late master chef Terry Southern:

HOT HEART OF BOAR & Other Tastes

We’ll be serving it fresh—piping hot and throbbing—in a limited edition of only 125 copies. First come, first served.

The book features rare unpublished texts, including an excerpt from The Hunters of Karinhalla screenplay that, sadly, was never filmed. It’s a bloody masterpiece, and we do mean bloody. There’s also a private letter to William Burroughs; a vomiting priest; “K.Y. Madness,” and more.

In addition to the author’s culinary delights, you’ll find illuminating introductory notes by Nile Southern, as well as tastefully explicit illustrations by Norman Conquest.

In short, it’s a full-boar feast for famished fans of black humor.

Prepare to dig in.