Brave New World Ahead…

Featuring …

ADRIENNE AUVRAY, PAULO BRITO, Gelett Burgess, norman conquest, Iacyr Anderson Freitas, Pippa Anais Gaubert, ECKHARD GERDES, Russell Helms, Eugene Ivanov, Desirée Jung, Andy Koopmans, Jim Meirose, Angela Pankosky, Peter Payack,  Jason E. Rolfe, Paul Rosheim, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, Brett Stout, Uwe Taubert.

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Happy New Year!


The June Gloom issue of LE SCAT NOIR is now available for download. We won’t bother mentioning that  it’s free because  you  already know that. #224 features an international roster of artists and writers, including Alphonse Allais, Adrienne Auvray, Mark Axelrod, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Farewell Debut, Félix Fénéon, Pippa Anais Gaubert, Eckhard Gerdes, Thomas Gresham, Adao Iturrusgarai, Jim Johnson, Rick Krieger, Terri Lloyd, Jim McMenamin, Andy O’Clancy, Frank Pulaski, Jason E. Rolfe, Paul Rosheim, Marina Rubin, Doug Skinner, and Rebecka Skog.

All Urges Go Haywire


The new issue of BLACK SCAT REVIEW is now available.

Eurydice gets naked and dances on the body of America; Ryan Francis Kelly monkeys with words; Samantha Memi finds god; Doug Rice invents forgetting; Harold Jaffe takes aim at macho; Loren Kantor carves iconic faces; Pipa Anais Gaubert drinks wine in Berlin; Peter Cherches loses it in the pasta aisle; Frank Pulaski unveils an art-whore peep show; Alain Arias-Misson reinvents the comic book; Yuriy Tarnawsky lets his hair down; and Poggio Bracciolini dishes up some ancient (indecent) delights.