BLACK SCAT REVIEW #16: The Obsession Issue. Featuring works by Alphonse Allais, Adrienne Auvray, Paulo Brito, Violet Capers, S.C. Delaney, Tony Duvert, Farewell Debut, William L. Gibson, Rachel Greenberg, Arya F. Jenkins, Samantha Memi, Agnès Potier, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, and Greg Autry Wallace.  [cover photograph by Farewell Debut]

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Amid the intensity of our ongoing fundraising drive, it’s always nice to be able to offer our readers something free, such as the current issue of Le Scat Noir. Number 215 features works by Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Paul Kavanagh, Jason E. Rolfe , and Doug Skinner.

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Finally…Haiku for the John!

We’re thrilled to announce the eighth in our unique
series of Black Scat Broadsides:

by Doug Skinner

Sixteen ribald limericks translated into hilarious haiku. Skinner artfully disinfects the original hackneyed rhymes and reveals the laconic essence of each poem.

Alas, we can only show you a low resolution fragment of the lovely (and explicit) full color poster, which makes an ideal addition to one’s boudoir or bath.

12 x 18 inches; printed on prime 80# UV-coated,acid-free stock.


Sublime Poetry from Across the Pond

Mince by Edith Doove

Me a seaman’s wife
She the sea, the ocean
Me your land, your solid ground.

Or the other way around – I the sea, the ocean
She your land, your solid ground
She, the seaman’s wife.

Both of us someone’s feast
And you ours…


Edith DooveBlack Scat has published only a few books of poetry, so when we do it’s quite an event. This  collection of poems & observations by the gifted young British writer Edith Doove deserves a place on your shelf. Indeed, Ms. Doove has a sharp eye and her words whisper fresh visions.

These works were originally written in Dutch and composed over a ten year period.

We invite you to discover MINCE in this lovely, limited edition  chapbook.


*cover photograph by the author

Rosheim Returns!


Black Scat Books is proud to bring you this long out of print collection of poetry by the founder and editor of the legendary avant-garde press, Obscure Publications.

Paul Rosheim founded Obscure Publications in 2000 and for ten years published an exquisite series of extremely limited edition chapbooks. OP boasted an astonishing roster of avant-garde writers from Europe and America. The list included books by Raymond Queneau, Eric Basso, Peter Ruric (Paul Cain), Harry Mathews, Tom Whalen, Terry Southern, Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, Harold Jaffe, Opal Louis Nations, Georges Perec, Barbara Wright and many others.

Rosheim launched his series with Fishslices and later issued an expanded second edition. This Black Scat Classic Interim Edition is a reprint of the latter volume and includes illustrations. The author also provides an extended introduction with a fascinating history of the press.

Although relatively few copies of Fishslices were produced, the little book soon gathered a reputation among those fortunate enough to have received a copy, and it has long been sought after by collectors.

We invite you to discover this unique little collection.

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“A Surrealist museum of femmes fatale!”

WOMEN cover

Not since André Breton’s Nadja has there been anything like this. Hallucinatory portraits, collaged, painted, scrawled by a visual poet of Chicago’s mean streets. Ephemeral, fresco’d goddesses drift out of reach, taunt us, haunt us, inspire desire and erotic obsessions. Indifferent brides, savage debutantes, sirens and succubi, erotic dream queens and mythical girls next door.

The artist’s one-of-kind hand-bound original.

Originally an extraordinary one-of-a-kind, hand-bound artist’s book, WOMEN THAT DON’T EXIST has been lovingly reproduced in sublime full color. 63 pages, perfect-bound in a limited collector’s edition of 100 copies. $16.00  / BLACK SCAT CLASSIC INTERIM EDITION #09

Back cover.

Frontis and title page

Frontis and title page


 Frank Pulaski’s graffiti’d visions seduce the eye and fire the imagination.


The #2 Bestseller!




“BLACK SCAT BOOKS has launched from the pits of lit this shameful little anthology, wonderfully translated and prefaced with futile brilliance by Doug Skinner. I was immediately disgusted and attracted by these turn-of-the-century French luminaries indulging in dirty little boy lyrics and lunatic stories, many of them in the scatological society that hung out at Le Chat Noir…” Alain Arias-Misson, author of Theatre of Incest

“Incroyable!… Alfred (a fart man from way back) Jarry would surely relish this collection–one which combines force-feeding with delicate odoriferous leakage—something for every taste!”  Nile Southern, author of The Candy Men: The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy

“These dirty little secrets are canonical secretions of literary genius. Fin de siecle Parisian scatology at its best.”  D. Harlan Wilson, author of Hitler: The Terminal BiographyFreud: The Penultimate Biography, and Douglass: The Lost Autobiography


This hilarious scatological anthology features stories, a song, poems, a play, a rebus, and naughty jokes by period luminaries. Contributors include Alphonse Allais, George Auriol, Georges Courteline, Edmond Haraucourt, Vincent Hyspa, Maurice Mac-Nab, and Erik Satie.

The collection has been tastefully compiled and effervescently translated from the French by Doug Skinner.

This limited edition includes notes on the translations and a brief biography of each contributor.

#2 on our Bestseller List— don’t settle for #1!

Merde à La Belle Époque
Absurdist Texts & Documents – No. 24
Perfect-bound chapbook, 48 pp.
Limited to 310 copies. – $12.50

*A discreet digital edition is also available ($7.50)

Happy Birthday, Rabelais!

Brain Drain


This lovely 18th century woodcut is but one of several illustrations included in Pedro Carolino‘s collection of poems, Cold in the Brain—just published in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series.

At first glance one might suspect that the image has been tampered with—(the subject appears to be wearing a headset)—but this is not the case. The illustration is simply that of a young, drooling poet in the throes of inspiration—wearing earmuffs to undoubtedly muffle distracting sounds while he  listens to the voice of his muse.

Had the artist intended to create a headset, then we’d be admiring the work of a visionary artist far ahead of his time. Parenthetically, had Carolino been a poet “ahead of his time” (as opposed to a head of his time, which he probably was) we’d have chosen illustrations from the 20th century.


Pedro Carolino was a 19th century Portuguese poet and translator, best remembered (if at all) for his Portuguese-English phrase book, English as She Is Spoke (often falsely attributed to José da Fonseca). The book is a classic of unintentional humour since its author could not speak English. According to Wikipedia Carolino used a French-English dictionary “to translate an earlier Portuguese-French phrase book, O Novo guia da conversação em francês e português, written by José da Fonseca.” Without permission, Carolino added Fonseca’s name to the book in an attempt to cash in on that author’s successful work. As for Carolino’s poetry, it would never have seen publication but for an earthquake in Lisbon, during which a casket containing the manuscript was unearthed.

Paul Forristal is the former Jean Poquelin Distinguished Visiting Professor
of Carolino Studies at San Diego State University. He is the author of Ronan, the definitive biography of the Brazilian-born Equatoguinean football defender Ronan Carolino Falcão, which has been translated into four languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, and Equatoguinean Spanish. Paul is currently at work on a guidebook for Carolino Canyon, a 40-acre day-use facility nestled in the juniper-pinion forests near Albuquerque. He lives in the Illinois Valley of southern Oregon.

Black Scat’s deluxe, annotated edition of COLD IN THE BRAIN is limited
to 69 copies.