Feel the Vibes…

oulipo pornobongo blanket bingo

pornobongo blanket bingo performed by our favorite  CHAT NOIR trio.

Drums are beating while the word-doctors dance. Hootchie coochie bongo jazz joy. All in anticipation of the forthcoming book, Oulipo Pornobongo: Anthology of Erotic Wordplay. It’s going to be a titillating feast of lascivious constraints. It’s an all-star literary burlesque show, awash with magic and mischief and mumbo-jumbo foreplay. In short, there has never been an anthology like it.

It’s the fourth volume in our must-have Absurdist Texts & Documents series and it’s coming soon. If you visit this site frequently you’ll be the first to know. Only 50 copies will be printed so be ready to pounce before it’s sold out.

While you’re waiting, pick up copies of #’s 1-3 here—and collect ’em all!

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