Awesome Love-Like Relationships

We know you think we’re awesome and love Black Scat Books, but do you like us? I mean really-really like us?

Well now you can prove it. We’ve just launched an awesome page over on farcebook, so please take a moment and “like” us.

Just click here and show us how awesome you are.

It would truly be awesome if all the bloggers on WordPress (who inform us daily how awesome our posts are) actually purchased some of our books. Awesome! Yes, believe it or not, we receive WP email notifications 24/7 from fundamentalists, work-at-home moms, video game entrepreneurs, auto-body parts manufacturers, big game hunters, radio talk-show hosts, et. al. Considering the nature of what we publish, that’s pretty awesome in itself.

Anyhoo… as awesome as these posts may be, our books are far more awesome—trust me.

Since we’re acutely aware of this particular post’s innate awesomeness (heck, we wrote it), there’s no need to remind us…just like us on farcebook and buy a book.

Then we’ll let you know how awesome you are.


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