Some Are Reading . . . (part 2)


Nothing like a good book on a summer’s day.

Even better, reading a sublime paperback from Black Scat Books.

Better still, enjoying How I Became an Idiot by Francisque Sarcey (actually written by one Alphonse Allais), translated from the French by the venerable Doug Skinner. Mr. Skinner is seen here exhibiting his fine taste in summer reading matter while relaxing in the Hamptons. (NOTE: This photo was not taken in the Hamptons, but it could have been had Mr. Skinner gone there.)

How I Became an Idiot is filled with biting wit and scatological humor. It’s the perfect beach book, as long as it’s read upside down so the title cannot be detected. After all, no one wants to be mistaken for an idiot.


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