Good Nudes!


We’re celebrating the release of MOO NUDES in this full color, limited Black Scat Classic Interim Edition.


This provocative collection of nude studies by Austrian painter Monika Mori—known internationally as “Moo”—was created with mixed media on stretched canvas and watercolors. Playful, moody, seductive, and aloof, the figures are animated by the dazzling colors of Ms. Mori’s palette, which bring to life these abstract forms. Moo Nudes is a slyly erotic celebration of the female body.


This edition is limited to 125 copies. SOLD OUT


Monika Mori


Monika Mori (known internationally as the artist MOO) was born in 1960 in Moedling, Austria, and studied Fine Art with Prof. Anneliese Beschorner. She amplified her scope as an artist by formal training and workshops in Spain, Germany and Florida. Since 2008, her work has been exhibited worldwide and is included in major and private collections.

In 2012, Black Scat Books published a collection of her work titled Shattered Rainbow. This volume represents her interaction with materials and colors in varied techniques. Studies of the female body are applied in mixed media technique on canvas with soft pastels, acrylics and oil. Her powerful watercolor paintings on artist
paper celebrate erotic femininity and the eternal enigma of women.

Ms. Mori currently lives in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria.

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