A Foetal Treat is Born!


In 2012, Opal Louis Nations gave new meaning to the word “definition” with The Complete Unabridged Lexicon—a classic reference of lexical eccentricity. Today, the distinguished author and artist gives new meaning to the word “personhood” with his masterpiece of speculative collage and text—Embryo World & Others Stripped Bare.

This lavishly illustrated Black Scat Classic Interim Edition (#05) unveils a future ripe with dark foetal visions—at once feral and sublime—fresh from the fertile womb of Opal Nations.

A visit to Embryo World at this moment of conception transports one to unborn umbilical galaxies where amorphodytes commune and drool, where past is both present and future.


Is it sacrilege or ‘pataphysics? Dada or prenatal hallucination?

Enter Embryo World and discover the naked truth—the flesh & blood & skin & bone of human destiny.

In full foetal color. Limited to 125 copies.  OUT OF PRINT

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