Pornobongo, Mon Amour


…What’s that sound?…

The sound of Oulipo Pornobongo 2 stirring in the darkness?

Lunging, thumping, humping…

Yes, sequels are never subtle.

We will be publishing this sequel to the original Anthology of Erotic Wordplay later this year, and are currently searching for appropriate texts spiced with hot oulipian constraints.

Stay tuned.

If you’d like to view last year’s lovely pornobongo trailer, click here.


A Note of Interest to Pornobongoids:


Tomorrow, New Directions will officially release the 65th anniversary
edition of Raymond Queneau‘s inspirational classic Exercises in Style, translated by the late-great Barbara Wright. This edition includes previously unpublished exercises as well as episodes composed in the author’s honor by Frederic TutenLynne TillmanHarry Mathews, and others.

A splendid treat, despite a typo on the copyright page that credits Stefan Themerson‘s memorable cover image to “Stephen.”

CLICK HERE to order

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