It’s Nostalgia Friday!

Here’s Black Scat author & translator Doug Skinner performing a ukulele solo: The Regard of Flight 23 — Second Homesickness Song. This clip was broadcast on TV in 1983 and is from a comedy play on tour starring Skinner, Bill Irwin, and Michael O’Connor.

A sweet treat to launch the weekend. Enjoy!

A man of many talents, Doug Skinner has translated Isidore Isou’s Considerations on the Death and Burial of Tristan Tzara and Captain Cap (Vol. I.) by Alphonse Allais—both in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series. In addition, he has written numerous scores for theater and dance, particularly for actor/clown Bill Irwin. His articles, cartoons, and translations have appeared in The Fortean Times, Fate, The Anomalist, Nickelodeon, Weirdo, and Black Scat Review. His translation of Giovanni Battista Nazari’s alchemical dream vision, Three Dreams, was published by Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks in 2002.

You can follow him on his blog here.

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