And the praise just keeps on coming . . .

“The little book Hotel Ortolan is beautiful, both photos and text, and the photos are a special pleasure because they’re so different from the mass of digital images out there.”  Cordula Güdemann

“A new book by Tom Whalen is an event. A new limited-edition book by Tom Whalen, limited to 125 copies of which over 50 have sold in the first two days, is an event you want to get to before you turn into a bookless pumpkin.” 
—Peter Cherches

“I LOVE Tom Whalen’s and Michel Varisco’s Hotel Ortolan, with photographs perfectly suited to the text.  I savored it on second reading as much as I devoured it quickly on the first.  I think Tom Whalen is a national (technically international) treasure!
Suzanne Burns



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