The Cutting (and pasting) Edge

“At last, an album of Bealy’s edgy, layered, elegant collages. Incisive in both senses.”—Michael Kasper


Allan Bealy has been making masterful, handmade collages for years. Working within art’s most accessible form, Bealy manages to consistently surprise the viewer. From a secret stash of source material, he has carved out a style all his own. His exquisite sense of design and powerful imagination combine to produce images you won’t soon forget. Now Black Scat Books brings you this remarkable artist’s first collection in a full color, 68-page perfect-bound collector’s chapbook.


“Allan Bealy is a collagist with a profound knowledge of the form’s history, as well as art history—period. With a vision that’s wide-ranging but cohesive, he’s one of those artists who can serve up a banquet of images in seemingly disparate styles, yet you’ll always know who cooked them up. Dig in to this delectable feast for the eyes, but take the time to savor each course.”
Peter Cherches, author of Lift Your Right Arm


Limited to 100 copies, this Black Scat Classic Interim Edition is the next best thing to a coffee table mud bath.