Important Notice from the Publisher

BLACK SCAT REVIEW #14 — The “Pure Lust” Issue  — was originally released on March 9, 2016 and was available for sale in the United States and Europe on Amazon. That is, until March 25 when – without warning or explanation – the printer, Createspace (owned by Amazon), blocked sales of the issue and listed it as “suppressed.”

On Amazon’s sales page the “buy now” button was removed and the issue listed as “Out of Print—Limited Availability.” Adding to the absurdity, a preview of the suppressed issue’s contents remained visible via Amazon’s “Look inside” feature.

Despite repeated attempts by the publisher to ascertain the reason behind this unwarranted act of censorship, Createspace has not responded. Customers who attempted to purchase the issue complained to Amazon directly, yet received no satisfactory response. One customer who managed to order a copy before the purchase button was removed was informed by a sales representative: “…I am personally following this issue. Once we get more information, I’ll write back and let you know… In an effort to compensate for this delay, I’ve upgraded the shipping method for this order to One-day shipping, at no extra charge.”

It is still not clear if the magazine will, in fact, ever be shipped.

new coverToday, using an alternative printer (MagCloud), we’re releasing the complete and unexpurgated issue. Only modifications to formatting and the cover’s color have been made. The ISBN & barcode for the original release have been removed.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY A PRINT OR DIGITAL EDITION and find out what they didn’t want you to see.